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It used to be that cash registers were just cash registers. Today the POS system you put out front is your best opportunity to make contact with your customers. You want their experience in your checkout lanes to be speedy, friendly, and entertaining.

BreakPoint 2K communicates with your customers. The BreakPoint ICD is something special you do just for them, offering them preferred shopper discounts, advertisements, special event notices, and information about upcoming specials as they wait for their groceries to be scanned.

The amazing performance of our advanced C++ programming will get your customers out of the store quickly, but our preferred shopper programs, dazzling graphics, and easy-to-read receipt window will keep them coming back.

And just wait until you see what comes out the back. The BreakPoint BOT will distribute your programming and report requests around the globe, so you can instantly know what every cashier is doing in every lane in every store every minute. And best of all, improved customer throughput and loyalty mean more profits out the back.

BreakPoint 2K puts a lot out front, so you can get a lot out the back.
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