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BreakPoint Systems Corporation was conceived with a singular mission... to develop POS software that is 100% true to open-architecture design, hardware and operating system independent, extensive in cashier functionality, and easily integrated to other software products.

BreakPoint Systems Corporation was incorporated in 1992 as the inevitable evolution of an inspirational development partnership that began five years earlier. Today, a tightly-knit group of partner/shareholders compose the brain trust and professional talent that is BreakPoint Systems.

BreakPoint is privileged to enlist the talents of several highly qualified programmers, systems analysts, support persons, and retail management professionals. A few of the key persons involved with the company include:

Steven R. Oetting
President and CEO, Systems Analyst, Programmer, Technical Writer

Steven brings to BreakPoint Systems a myriad of expertise and experience, beginning with over 20 years in the retail management industry. As the President of M/S Micro Business Systems and author of the MaxiMiser Retail Management System (over 3,000 systems installed worldwide), his background in ECR (Electronic Cash Register) technology and integration began even before PC-based POS was possible. Steven conceptualized, designed, and programmed much of the core BreakPoint software product and continues today as one of its primary systems analysts.

Steven is a graduate of the University of Manitoba (1980) with a Major in Computer Science and Minors in both Statistics and Calculus. After graduation, he spent five years as the Programming Advisor to the U of M Computer Services Department, supporting students and staff in several programming languages and statistical packages, including Fortran, PL1, Cobol, Basic, APL, Assembler, C Language, Snobol, SPSS, SAS, and BMDP. His previous employment includes Programmer/Analyst at Great-West Life Assurance Company (2 years) and Information Systems Manager at Child and Family Services of Manitoba (2 years).

Today, Steven is the President and CEO of BreakPoint Systems and is active daily in the development and support of the numerous BreakPoint products.

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Andrew J. Hallonquist
Vice-President, Director of Development, Systems Analyst, Programmer

Andy possesses an extensive background in C++ systems development, including several successful commercial products dating back more than fifteen years. As President of AH Computer Systems, Andy pioneered the development of a variety of pharmacy, dental and medical software products. Andy has orchestrated the programming team that developed all of the BreakPoint products since its conception and continues today as our primary systems analyst and head programmer.

Andy is a graduate of the University of Manitoba (1985) with a Major in Computer Science. After graduation, he worked as a Programmer/Analyst for Positive Marketing (1 year) and then launched AH Computer Systems, a software development company focused in the health care industry, where he remains as President and CEO.

Today, Andy is the Vice-President and Director of Development of BreakPoint Systems and is active daily in the development and support of the numerous BreakPoint products.

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Brenda R. Oetting
Director of Media Design and Production

Brenda has been involved in graphic art and multimedia design for over ten years. Since graduating from the Multimedia and Graphic Design program at the Red River College of Manitoba, Brenda has designed and produced the complete set of BreakPoint materials in addition to graphic art work for numerous BreakPoint customers. Her unique artistic talents and skill set can be seen throughout the BreakPoint marketing and technical materials.

With the introduction of the BreakPoint ICD and other unique capabilities of BreakPoint to promote the products and services of its users, Brenda has expanded her audience across the globe. Today, she offers an extensive set of specialty ICD slides and designs custom slides that are displayed in thousands of retail outlets.

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Blair Mahaffy
Project Leader, Systems Analyst, Programmer

Blair has been involved in C++ systems development for over fifteen years and has served as Project Leader on numerous commercial product development projects. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a Major in Computer Science, Blair worked for the Great-West Life Assurance Company as a programmer/analyst for several years before joining AH Computer Systems and later BreakPoint Systems.

Today, Blair is the energy that drives and the glue that binds the BreakPoint development team. As a meticulous organizer and empowering project leader, Blair ensures that every day the BreakPoint development group is more effective than the day before. In addition to his role as Project Leader, Blair is one of our most talented programmer/analysts and the primary author of several of the BreakPoint components.

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