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BreakPoint 2K

BreakPoint 2K, the BreakPoint Cashier Workstation program now designed with 100% Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) compliancy, Internet connectivity, over 1,000 System Flag options, touch-screen support, ODBC & SQL compatibility, OPOS hardware support, and dozens of advanced cashier functions.
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BreakPoint IPC

Integrated Program Configurator (IPC), the BreakPoint programming tool, permitting operators to perform every aspect of BreakPoint 2K setups and service programming through a familiar, highly intuitive and self-teaching Windows GUI-compliant environment. The IPC is so friendly that most retailers can program their own BreakPoint 2K workstations without dealer assistance. The IPC is included with BreakPoint 2K.
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BreakPoint Bot

The BreakPoint BOT (BOT), our real-time, background, automated systems maintenance and communications robot. The BOT provides an invisible communications link, by modem or Internet/FTP, between you and all of your BreakPoint 2K workstations, however many there might be and wherever they might be located in the world. System file maintenance, system backups, import and export operations, management report requests, and service programming can all be performed manually or fully automated, turning the complex management of multiple lanes in multiple remote store locations into a simple and enjoyable exercise. The BOT is included with BreakPoint 2K.
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BreakPoint ICD

Integrated Customer Display (ICD), our infamous graphic customer display program, providing customers with an easy-to-read Receipt Window, Enlarged Subtotal, Programmable Background and Company Logo, and our very popular Advertising Slide Show Presentation.
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BreakPoint Credit/Debit

Credit/Debit Authorization is standalone module that works with a variety of POS solutions to provide fully integrated Credit and Debit Authorization operations. 100% INTERAC compatible, supports both US and Canadian banks for debit and all major credit cards.
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BreakPoint Gas Pump Interface

Gas Pump Interface Option is an add-on option to BreakPoint 2K that provides fully integrated gas pump operations through a seamless interface to the FuelDesk Software and Progressive Pump Controller products. Supports every major gas pump manufacturer worldwide.
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BreakPoint LPM

Loss Prevention Manager (LPM), our unique clerk loss prevention system, designed to record transactional details on a wide variety of loss-susceptible cashier operations and provide statistical summary and detailed transaction reports for complete clerk loss prevention management.
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BreakPoint Mini-A/R

Mini-A/R Accounts Receivable, our directly integrated Accounts Receivable program, providing a simple balance forward, monthly statement A/R that requires minimal maintenance and can process customer charges and payments from any number of BreakPoint 2K workstations.
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