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BreakPoint Loss Prevention Manager Features

  • Tracks Over 20 Loss Prevention
    Clerk Transaction Types
  • Records Every Clerk Entry
  • Maintains Clerk Data Indefinitely
  • Tracks Refund Entries
  • Tracks Error Corrects and Voids
  • Tracks Price Overrides
  • Tracks Discount and Coupon Entries
  • Tracks Transaction Cancels
  • Tracks Cash Pickups and Drops
  • Tracks Paid Out Entries
  • Tracks No Sale Entries
  • Summary Report for All Clerks
  • Detail Report for Single Clerk
  • Detail Report for Specific Entry Type
  • Date Range Selection on All Reports
  • Quick Locating of Clerk, Date, Time, Register Number, and Transaction Number
    for any Clerk Entry with Optional Receipt Reprint for Presentation
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