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BreakPoint specializes in technical support. As a company that evolved from a software development team, and whose core of shareholder/partners are primarily systems engineers, providing exceptional technical support has been the backbone of the sales and marketing success of BreakPoint Systems.

Today, we offer technical services through several media, including:

  • BreakPoint Website
  • BreakPoint FTP Site
  • Direct Email Request
  • Regular Hours Technical Support
  • 24-Hour Emergency Support
  • Custom Development Services
  • BreakPoint Manuals and Tutorials
  • BreakPoint Technical Newsletters

BreakPoint FTP Site

BreakPoint Systems provides a wealth of promotional and technical reference materials through the BreakPoint FTP Site. This special source of information is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with a BreakPoint FTP ID and password, and offers an extensive array of BreakPoint technical materials. These include BreakPoint product upgrades, ICD slide updates, Breakpoint manuals, training tutorials, and BreakPoint Technical Newsletters. Call us at (204) 982-5800 and we will be pleased to provide an access User ID and Password.

Annual Support Agreement

BreakPoint offers a comprehensive annual service agreement that should be purchased and maintained by all BreakPoint customers. This inexpensive support agreement is our guarantee to you that your BreakPoint products will continue to work effectively throughout the year. The BreakPoint Annual Support Agreement provides for unlimited product corrections and no-charge upgrades for all of your BreakPoint products, plus offers special service priority and reduced custom development rates.

Direct Email Request

Direct Email Request can be used by BreakPoint clients with an expected response time of 24 hours, including weekends, by sending your email request to at any time. Please include in your email request your contact name, your company name, your return email address, the name and version of the BreakPoint product involved, and as much detail about your technical service issue as possible.

Regular Hours Technical Support

Regular Hours Technical Support is avaliable between 9AM and 5PM CST, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. BreakPoint Annual Support customers receive first priority and will only rarely have to wait for a call back. Non-Annual Support customers are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis with call back support required only during unusually high support demand periods. Non-Annual Support customers requesting Regular Hours Technical Support should be prepared to pay by credit card in advance of receiving technical support.

24-Hour Emergency Support

24-Hour Emergency Support response is available to BreakPoint Annual Support customers only outside of normal working hours with an expected response time of one hour. Non-Annual Support customer calls will be referred to the next business day Regular Hours Technical Support.

Custom Development Services

Custom Development Services are offered to all BreakPoint customers. BreakPoint Annual Support customers are entitled to special development rates and priority over Non-Annual Support customers. Quotations of costs and development timeframes for Custom Development Services are provided at no charge or obligation to all BreakPoint customers.

BreakPoint Manuals and Tutorials

BreakPoint Systems provides a variety of Installation Manuals, Operating Manuals, and Training Tutorials for all of its various systems. These manuals may be requested by telephone at (204) 982-5800, by email request to, or downloaded from the BreakPoint FTP Site.

BreakPoint Technical Newsletters

BreakPoint offers an extensive library of BreakPoint Technical Newsletters. These newsletters address specific feature issues that are not covered in the standard BreakPoint manuals and may be requested by telephone at (204) 982-5800, by email request to, or downloaded from the BreakPoint FTP Site.

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