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The BreakPoint Bot Multi-Store Capabilities

The BreakPoint BOT offers controls and features for the multi-store operator that exceed all previous standards and imagination.

Charge account balances can be maintained between store locations in realtime. This means that any charge account customer can make a purchase at any one of your stores, and the new account balance will appear immediately at all of your other store locations. The enforcement of credit limit controls that is so essential to your business is now absolute, so that no customer can quickly travel between your store locations in an attempt to make purchases that exceed their credit limit.

Our numerous frequent shopper programs can now update information in realtime between stores. Frequent shopper points for purchases made at any one of your stores are now communicated instantly to all of your other store locations, so that when your customer arrives at another store location, their new points total is there waiting for them. Your customers no longer have to wait until the next day to receive rewards or inquire about their point balances, regardless of what store they decide to visit.

Cashier totals and loss prevention controls are now available to you at head office in realtime. You no longer have to wait until the next morning to know about problems that may be going on. With the BreakPoint BOT, you can detect cashier problems and loss prevention situations the moment that they occur, so that they can be dealt with more quickly and successfully.

Your entire set of cashier management reports are 100% current and available to you every second of the day without you ever having to leave your desk. The BOT communicates updated totals to your head office from every BreakPoint register you have out there every 100 milliseconds. Department Sales, Item Sales, Hourly Sales, Cashier Totals, Inventory Counts, Charge Account Balances, Customer Profiling, and Frequent Shopper Totals are all available to you at any time and current as of the last 1/10th of a second.

And finally, you can make absolutely any type of programming change to your tills in realtime. Item prices can be changed instantly at all of your stores with a single entry made at your head office, so that you can now respond to fluctuating prices and margins with lightning speed. Foreign currency exchange rates can be adjusted instantly as many times a day as necessary. Clerk secret code changes, tax rate settings, discount percentages, manager authorization codes, and every single other program feature of BreakPoint can be changed instantly from your head office.
The world is changing. Success in retail today depends on instant control over every management element of your tills. The BreakPoint BOT puts that instant control right in your hands, right at your desk. You have to see the BOT to believe it, we guarantee it will exceed your wildest imagination.
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